• High intensity, fan less built-in and colour corrected LED light source provides pure white-light for optimal viewing and photography (up to 65,000 hours of life)
  • No fragile fibre-optic cables break or tangle.
  • 5-step apochromatic magnification changer 0,4/0,6/1/1,6/2,5.
  • Beam splitter with 30 degree incline and rear photo tube port for optimal ergonomics and near perfect symmetrical balance.
  • HD photo tube camera adapter for all major camera brands. Focal lengths and optics have been uniquely designed for an ideal match to today’s latest digital cameras,
  • VarioFocus 200-350 mm working distance, plan-apochromatic corrected optics and built-in, removable protection cover lens.
  • 0-200 degree inclinable binocular tube offers a huge range of vertical flexibility for comfortable positioning.
  • Registered Design unique MonoBall coupling allows fluid and smooth repositioning at all angles without having to loosen and retighten knobs while doing so.
  • Built-in orange filter for composites.
  • The very best optical coatings and optimal alignment provide the most efficient light transmission to the user and camera.
  • Rotation plate allows the user to remain in an upright and ergonomic position (head upright to the binoculars) while the microscope is angled right or left.
  • Ergonomically placed control knobs and handles insure that all functions are immediately at your fingertips for all inter-procedure changes.
  • HDMI, USB, camera AC/DC power and monitor power supplies are integrated within the arm for superior/cleaner cable management.
  • Long and stable suspension arm is the same for wall, ceiling and floor stand systems. Your choice and all offered at the same great price.
  • Precision manufactured in Germany to the very highest quality standards. Flexion is built to a lifetime.


  1. No unknown anatomy. All the anatomy of every replica is known.
  2. Replicas can be chosen for teaching specific endodontic procedural skills.
  3. Replicas are exactly the same so they are a fair test between board applicants.
  4. 3-D printed replicas can be worked with — over and over — the same challenge every time.
  5. They are less expensive than the oversimplified training models available.
  6. No more stinky teeth.

X-Smart Plus

The system offers several enhanced features:

•   A slim, well-balanced, and cordless handpiece

•   A miniature contra-angle head to allow easy access and visibility

•   Quickly switch from reciprocating to continuous motion

•   A 360-degree adjustable 6:1 contra-angle

•   Finger-activated motor to offer the same torque and power as a tabletop motor for preset files.

•   Bluetooth pairing

•   Battery autonomy for 16 treatments and rechargeable during treatment



《日期》2017/9/六.日) 09:00-17:00
《地點》台北市常德街1號牙科2樓 台大學生實驗室(一)(二)

報名專線:0932-303437或(02)2521-4688 林小姐

台倢牙科技工材料-- Creation CC唯美瓷粉



  • 晶瑩剔透的色澤呈現出真牙的自然外觀
  • 配合強度高、耐磨耗的二氧化鋯及金屬運用,在合金和全瓷間並用的系統使用,深切的符合您的需求。
  • 多樣化的瓷粉色彩描繪出自然生動的外觀色澤和紋路。
  • 符合每顆牙齒不同顏色個別特徵的需求,可達到真牙的境界
  • CREATION瓷粉與金屬的黏結力優於其他廠牌。



  • 超透明可和任何瓷粉混合使用。
  • 若和Enamel一起混合使用,更能製作出自然感。
  • 若單獨使用較不宜,因太透明會變暗不自然。

NT 為自然透明瓷粉

  • 若加入Enamel(琺瑯質)的瓷粉中,可使透明度增加。

OT 乳白寶石效應透明瓷粉

  • 用在近遠心的隆線,少許使用會帶一點點藍色條及乳白效果產生。
  • 寶石效果的由來,是帶藍色光的波長和帶橙色光波反射所產生的。
  • 不建議全部使用OT,因為會使色調變暗。

*想進一步了解有關CC唯美瓷粉、CREATION CP瓷塊、LF唯美低溫瓷粉、AV氧化鋁(鋯)瓷粉、ZI氧化鋯瓷粉…等特性及詳細說明,可跟台倢聯絡。



There’s never been a better time to straighten your teeth with the most advanced clear aligner in the world.


MRC have designed appliances to correct the poor oral habits that cause malocclusion and improve tooth alignment for over 25 years.

The global demand for orthodontics without braces continues to grow.  It's an option that many parents and patients would prefer.

Myofunctional orthodontics offers a viable alternative to traditional orthodontic methods. Myofunctional orthodontics using MRC's appliances can allow practitioners to provide no-braces treatment to a greater number of patients - with stable treatment results and financial benefits for both doctor and patient.

GC Optiglaze Color


  1. 操作簡單省時。
  2. 多種顏色可供選擇,對於修復物的內部和外部表徵可呈現完美美學。
  3. 長期持久性的光澤度。
  4. 新型奈米填料技術。
  5. 優越的抗磨耗性。
  6. 優異的黏結耐久性。
  7. 極薄的塗層(25~50um)。
  8. 擁有長期且成功率極佳的臨床診療範例


  1. 複合牙冠與牙橋。
  2. 臨時牙冠樹脂及牙橋
  3. 混合陶瓷冠
  4. 植體式活動樹脂義齒床
  5. 植體式定壓克力樹脂牙橋
  6. 壓克力樹脂齒床

衛部醫器輸壹字第 028048 號


There are unique moments that everyone wishes to capture, frame and hold in their hands forever. The Leica Sofort was created precisely for these moments. Leica’s first instant camera.


With a Leica X, you hold elegant design created with premium materials in your hands. Yet the true beauty of this camera family lies in consistently brilliant picture quality – guaranteed in all X cameras by their large, high-performance image sensors and the exceptional quality of their lenses.






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